Friday, April 24, 2009

Nokia N96 mobile phone deals- Wonderful experience of mobile telephony

Individuals can find many brands of mobile phones in the market now days but nokia mobile phones heats up the competition between varied numbers of brands. Nokia N96 is one such element of the nokia pioneer with the more advanced skin texture and superior features with affordable deals which really leave the customer excite to own it right now.
N96 can be termed as the best quality and highly durable handset in the market. The Nokia N96 has a digital MP3 music player and a Stereo FM radio with support for RDS, Visual Radio and use of FM radio in offline mode. The Nokia N96 has 16GB of internal flash memory, plus a microSD memory card slot. This phone is Quad band with automatic switching between bands and has WiFi, 3G HSDPA connectivity and Bluetooth. With the more sophisticated features and classy looks you can avail the benefits of various deals. With various reasonable deals, it is considered as one of the amazing and most tempting gifts to the customer, which comes with lots of advantages that too at cheap rate.

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charles said...

Nokia N96 is a great phone, for sure, but you might also want to consider the Nokia N97 if you can wait a month or so.