Thursday, April 30, 2009

Japan’s first notebook PC with green power certificate released by Fujitsu

The new consumer model will be available in Japan from Fujitsu’s Web Mart online store beginning today.

For each FMV-BIBLO LOOX U/C50N Eco sold, Fujitsu will purchase a Green Power Certificate equivalent to the total electricity the PC will consume in the course of its operating lifespan.

When customers use their notebooks, the electricity consumed will be regarded as “green energy” that is generated from renewable sources and results in zero net CO2 emissions.

The funds used to purchase Green Power Certificates will help sustain green power(4) generation and expand the spread of renewable energy.

The Fujitsu Group is striving to reduce the burden on the environment of its PC, servers, and other IT hardware over the entire lifecycle of the products, spanning development and design, materials procurement and logistics, and including the power consumed by customers.

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