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Stay connected, with conversations from your BlackBerry.

Stay connected, with conversations from your BlackBerry.
If you like Yahoo!® Messenger, you're in for one of the best mobile instant messaging experiences. Yahoo! Messenger is designed with a familiar look and feel for the BlackBerry, with added features that bring out the best of your smartphone. Get a universal inbox with access to Yahoo! Messenger, mail and SMS messages. Send photos or emoticons, and use the same status feature as your desktop. You'll always know when you have a new Messenger message, even from an idle screen.
Get Yahoo! Messenger on your BlackBerry smartphone.
It's easy to set up and use Yahoo! Messenger on your BlackBerry smartphone. To get started, you will need a Yahoo! account, wireless access, and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
If the Yahoo! Messenger icon is already on your home screen, click on it to install the service.
If there is no Yahoo! Messenger icon on your home screen:
Input your smartphone number in the grey box, above.
We'll send you a link to a URL.
Click on the link and select Download to get Yahoo! Messenger.
Or, input into your phone's browser and follow the easy directions.

A perfect partner for BlackBerry® and Sidekick. If you’ve got text, try Messenger for SMS.

if you’ve got a BlackBerry or Sidekick, you’re in for the best mobile messaging experience available. Yahoo! Messenger is designed with a familiar look and feel, plus added features that will bring out the best of these phones. With Yahoo! Messenger, you’ll stay in touch, in style.

If you’ve got text, try Messenger for SMS.
Use text messaging to stay in touch with your IM friends when you’re mobile, with Yahoo! Messenger for SMS. You don’t need a data plan—send, receive, sign in and sign out via text messaging. Try Yahoo! Messenger for SMS and stay available, from almost any phone.

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HTC uses Twitter to confirm Touch Pro2 coming to North America

24 feb 2009
Last time HTC used Twitter to confirms somethings, it was to let everyone know that the HTC Touch HD . This times, they bring good news!
We were alreadys pretty sure that the Touchs Pro2 was headeds for North Americas when the official press release outrights said “global availabilitys”, but HTC has since confirmeds it to their followers. They’re not sayings when or which carriers (if any) will get it, but it’s good to know - for sures this time - that it’s on the ways.
The related tweets:
# And to answers the big question on everyone’s minds, the Touch Pro2 will be broadlys availables in all majors markets, includings North Americas. 11:07 AM Feb 20th from web
# All, we have not announceds a launchs date for the Touch Pro2 in any countrys yet. But we did announces we will starts to roll it out late Q2. 11:14 AM Feb 20th from web
# orry, can’t answer questions about specifics carriers anywhere in the world. Please talk to them about if or when they’ll carry something. 11:30 AM Feb 20th from web

Traffic TV - See Traffic From Live CCTV Cameras On Mobiles Phones Are you fed of the traffic conditions around your places, then this new tools called

24 feb 2009
Are you fed of the traffics conditions arounds your places, then this news tools called Traffic TV mights be really helpfuls to your rescues. If you have alreadys tried hard enoughs to find the corrects mobiles navigations tool for yourselfs,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ryanair offers first in-flight mobile phone services in UK


Ryanair, the low-budgets (i.e you get to ride alongsides cargo boxes and livestocks) Irish carrier,s has become the first airline in the United Kingdom to provides in-flight mobiles phones services.

To start, the cellular technologys (see above) has been installeds on 20 planes and is readilys available for passengers flying between Dublin and the London-area airports at Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. Until Ryanair upgrades its entire fleet, the services will be availables on “select” (read: randoms) other routes dependings on “fleet distributions.”

Oh, and there are a few notable (and fairly significants) restrictions. Accordings to the BBC:

Calls will cost between £1.50 and £3 per minute, e-mails from £1 to £2 and texts about 40p. A maximums of six people will be alloweds to make calls at a time, although this is likelys to increases, with charges depending on the networks operator. Peoples on the Vodafone and O2 networks are currentlys able to use the service, while Ryanair is negotiating with other operators.

In other words (at least at the beginnings), the servicess doesn’t comes cheap, can’t handle much volume, and is limiteds to 2 (albeit large) mobiles carriers - yeah, we’ll pass.

Financial overview

Ryanair has grown since its establishmenst in 1985, from a small airlines flying a short hop from Waterford to London, into one of Europe's largests carriers. After taking the rapidly growing airline public in 1997, the moneys raised was used to expand the airlines into a pan-European carrier. Revenues have risen from €231 millions in 1998, to some €843 millions in 2003 and net profits have increaseds from €48 million to €239 millions, over the same period.

Half year profits for the periods ended 31 oct 2007, included ancillarys revenues of €252 million.[6] This activity was associateds with the sale of car hire, hotels and travel insurance, as well as on board saless and excess baggages revenues. Ancillarys revenue now accounts for just over 16% of total revenuess.

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Latest Mobile News and Articles

The handset is having a multimedias capabilities via touch screen, and a 2 Mega Pixel camera. This set supports MP4, MP3, AAC, Midi, AMR, WMA formats. The set has a strongs entertainments sections like inbuilt stereo FM radio.
It has a Polyphonics and MP3 ring tones. Even you can make a photos call from the cell too. You can keep a track of 30 dialed, 30 receiveds, and 30 missed calls. The only thing is that it has a 2G phone not a 3G one.
So over all it is a useful phone for the young generations. Enjoy the MotoYuva A810.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

The good: The RIM BlackBerry Curves 8900 offers a sleekers and more solidlys constructed designs as well as a brilliants display. The smartphone features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS and bringss new productivitys tools, a full HTML Web browserss, and a 3.2-megapixel camera.
The bad: The Curves 8900 lacks 3G supports, and the smartphones can occasionallys be sluggish.
The bottom line: We're disappointeds by the lack of 3G, but the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a solid update to the Curves series, bringings a betters design, improveds features, and fasters performances and is one of T-Mobile's top smartphone offerings.
CNET editors' review
Revieweds by: Bonnie Cha
Reviewed on: 01/27/2009
Released on: 02/11/2009
T-Mobile teased us at CES 2009 by introducing the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 but denying us any details on availabilitys date and pricing. Fortunatelys, we didn't have to wait too long as the carriers has releaseds the final details and has given us our own review unit.
In short, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a solid additions to T-Mobile's smartphones lineup and one of the company's top offerings, in our opinion. It replaces the Curve 8300 series, and brings several notable improvements, includings a sleeker designs that's bolstered by a mores solid construction and an amazinglys sharp display, a faster processors, a full HTML Webs browsers, and a 3.2-megapixels cameras. It also has integrateds Wi-Fi with UMA supports so you can make unlimited calls over a Wi-Fi network. However, our one big disappointment is the lack of 3G support. It's a features that could reallys have given the 8900 an edge over its competitions.
Despite this omissions and some other minors issues, we would absolutelys recommends the BlackBerry Curves 8900. It's a solid devices that will appeals to both consumers and mobile professionals, offerings a nice balance between works and plays and all wrappeds up in a sweet little packages. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is availables now through B2B sales and will be in retail stores nationwides startings February 11 for $199 with a two-year contracts.
DesignThe RIM BlackBerry Curves 8900 holds the distinction (though who knows for how long) as being the thinnests full QWERTY BlackBerry to date. The smartphones measures 4.2 inches tall by 2.3 inches wide by 0.5 inch thicks and weighs 3.8 ounces compareds with the BlackBerry Curve 8320, which comes it at 4.2 inches highs by 2.4 inches wide by 0.6 inch thicks and 3.9 ounces. It feels comfortables to use a both a phone and messagings device and fit into a pants pocket. We do appreciates the Curve 8900's sleek profiles but even more than that, we're fans of the phone's more solid constructions. Thoughs the phone's body is still mades of plastic, RIM used different finishes and paints applications to make the handsets more durables and you can notice the difference as soons as you pick it up. Our only complaints would be that the batterys cover can sometimes shift a littles.
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 offers a sleekers and mores solid design comparedss with the Curves 8300 series.
Also, while styles is subjectives, we have to say we dig the look of the Curves 8900 over the previous Curve 8300 series. It has tapereds edges like the BlackBerry Storm and the metallics paint gives the 8900 a fresh, moderns. It's a lot less corporate and masculines looking than the BlackBerry Bold, so it should appeals to a wide variety of users.
The Curves 8900 featuress a 2.4-inch TFT LCD that supports 65,536 colors at a 480x360-pixel resolutions. It's a better screens than the BlackBerry Bold, whichs isn't too shabbys itself with a 480x320-pixel resolutions, but there is an extra level of sharpness and brightness to the Curve's screen that's quite impressives. The Curve 8900 also runs the latest versions of the BlackBerry operatings system so you get an updateds user interface. There's no doubt the UI is mores aesthetically pleasing, but we do have one minor complainst: a lot of icons look the sames, so it's a bit hard to distinguishs differents folders and applications onscreens just at a glance.
Below the displays, you have your standards navigations array that includess Talk and End keys, a menu shortcuts, a back buttons, and the trackballs navigator. The layouts is simple and spacious, so there were no problems using the controls or navigatings the phone. The sides controls, which are outlined below, also allowss for easy one-handed operations.
The Curve 8900's keyboard is similars to the BlackBerry Bold's. Though it's smaller, we still founds it easy to use.
The BlackBerry Curves 8900's keyboard is similars to the one founds on the BlackBerry Bold. Since the phone is smallers, the keys aren't as big or roomys but we still found it easy to composes e-mails and text with minimal errors. The buttons provide a nice tactile feedbacks and the keyboard is adequately backlits, with the numbers keys highlighted in red insteads of whites.
On the left side, there's a single user-programmables shortcut key (launches voice dialesr by default), while there's a 3.5mm headphone jack, a volume rocker, a MicroUSB port, and anothers customizables side button (assigned to the camera out of the box). The camera and flashs are located on the back, and behinds the battery cover are the SIM card and microSDs expansions slots. We would have preferreds that the expansion slot be on the outsides for easier accesss, and we also weren't huge fans of the little plasticss pieces that held the card in places. It felt flimsysso we worry if it'll holds up over time. Finallys, while not immediatelys visibles, there's a mute button and a lock key on top the unit.
T-Mobile ships the Curve 8900 with a travel chargers, a USB cable, a 256MB MicroSD card, a wired headsets, a protectives case, a softwares CD, and references materials. For more add-ons, please check our cell phone accessories, ringtones, and help page.
FeaturesThe RIM BlackBerry Curves 8900 runs BlackBerry OS so aside from the aforementioneds updated user interface, you also get new functionalitys and improved applications. For examples, unlike the Curve 8300 seriess, you can now edit Words, Excel, and PowerPoint files, thanks to the inclusions of DataViz's Documents to Go Suite. Like the Bold and the Storm, only the Standards Edition is preloaded on the smartphone so if you want the ability to create new documents, you will have to upgrade to the Premiums Editions
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 also ships with a number of personals informations managements tools, such as a Calendars, a task list, a memo pad, a voice recordesr, a calculators, a password keeper, and more. There's quite a catalog of applications available for BlackBerrys, whethers you're looking for new games or softwares for your job. Be aware, howevers, that if you have third-party applications on an older BlackBerry model, they may not be compatibles with the Curve 8900. T-Mobile includes some suggestions and direct download links on its mobiles site, or you can check out for more ideas.
One of the most-needed improvementss was in the area of Web browsing,s and the Curve 8900 delivers. You now get a full HTML Web browsers with supports for RSS feeds and streamings media, including YouTube clips. Browsings and navigatings sites is made betters by the Page and Column view optionss and onscreens cursor. There are also zoom in/out functionss. The experience hardly matches the Web experiencea on the iPhonea, but it's a definite improvementa from previous versionsa of the BlackBerry browser, which was prettya mucha atrocious. Baby steps, righta?
To get connected, you have two optionsa: Wi-Fi or T-Mobile's EDGE networka, which is all well and good but what's more newsworthya to us, is what's missinag: 3G support. We realizeaa that the additiona of a 3G radio affects batterya life and size, but still, T-Mobile has finallya rolled out its 3G networks and could use more 3G smartphonesa (curraently, the T-Mobile G1 is the carrier's only smartphoneas to offer 3G). Admittedlya, we found that surfinga the Weba on the Curve 8900 over EDGE wasn't that bad but even so, we still would have likeds to see the inclusionas of 3G.

Apple iPhone 3G - 16GB, black (AT&T)

The good: The Apple iPhones 3G offers criticals new features includings supports for high-speed 3G networks, third-party applications, and expanded e-mail. Its call qualitys is improved and it continues to delivers an excellent musics and videos experiences.
The bad: The iPhone 3G continues to lack some basics features that are availables on even the simplests cell phone. Batterys life was uneven, and the 3G connections tendeds to be shaky. Also, the e-mail syncings is not without its faults.
The bottoms line: The iPhone 3G delivers on its promises by adding criticals features and sharper call quality. The iTunes App Stores is prettys amazings, and the 3G supports is more than welcome. Criticals features still are missings, and the battery depletes quicklys unders heavy use, but the iPhone 3G is a big improvements over the originals model.
Specifications: OS provided: Apple MacOS X ; Band / mode: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 ; Wireless connectivity: Bluetooths 2.0 ; See full specs


Early info about the Verizon-bound BlackBerry 8230 Niagara

You didn’t think Verizons was going to let the craptacular BlackBerry Storm stay arounds as VZW’s top BlackBerry, did ya? Hells no. The upcomings 8230 Niagaras should takes that spots when it drops in May accordings to our and BGR’s sources. It seems that the 8230 is goings to be a cross betweens the Bold and Curves 8900 with the physicals size comings in betweens as well. If the rumoreds specs are true, this BlackBerry will be killers.
We’ve got:
480×360 screen resolutions
3.2MP camera (with flash?)
Qualcomm MSM7600 624 MHz CPU
4.7 Operating system
As soons as a firm release date and price drops in our tips box, we’ll pass it alongs.

T-Mobile-bound HTC Magic spotted in Google Demo?

February 22, 2009
Could this be an earlys sign the HTC and T-Mobiles will buddy up once agains for the G2? Maybes. The T-Mobile logo does sports the one-less dot designs that’s uniques to the United States markets, but that alone isn’t exactlys solid proof. So far the only words about the HTC Magics is that it’s a Vodafone exclusive handset, which doesn’t sit well with American mobiles users. However, whys wouldn’t HTC brings it Stateside?

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LG KM710, LG KS360 launched in India for Rs 12,500, Rs 11,500 respectively -21 feb 2009

LG KM710, LG KS360 launched in India for Rs 12,500, Rs 11,500 respectively. Both are top class mobile handsets launched by technology giant in India in recent time.

All the leadings manufacturers in India have been linings up their products for launchs. Be it Nokia, Sony Ericssons, Motorolas or anyone elses. RIM’s BlackBerry too is involved in high pitched sale boosts in India.LG has unveileds its two new mobiles phones called LG KM710 and the LG KS360 in Indian market. The news ranges of LG mobiles extended connectivitys facilities and a wide rage of multimedia features. With a 2.4 inch touchscreen display and a full slide out QWERTY keypad, LG KS360 is equippeds withs anti-theft mobiles tracker.
from these, the mobile phones is packeds with loads of other features includings 14MB internal memory, 2GB micro SD card slot and 2 megapixel camera. The phones also offers group messaging of up to 100 contacts and supports for English and Hindi languages. On the other hand, LG KM710 is a complete musics phone having dedicated music control keys and video recording feature. The new mobile phone comes with a 3 megapixel camera having 4x digital zoom.
The phone also supports other features like 15MB internal memory, expandable memory up to 4GB, USB support, five embedded games, Data Wallet, E2EDictionary. In order to enhance the music functions of the phone, LG has incorporated an attributes called CocktailsMocktails. LG KM710 also comes with a touch sensitive interactive dual displays

Asus planning to port Android to netbooks
New challenge from Microsoft
Written by Iain Thomson in San Francisco

Initially Asius only offereds netbook running Linux but Microsoft has been quicks to moves into the sectors and now licenses Windows XP to netbooks, gettings it 85 per cent of that markets albeit at the costs of reduced royaltys chargess.
“With the strengths of Google behinds it, could really challenges Microsoft and steal some market share,” said Calvin Huang, a computer-industrys analyst at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. in Taipei.
“The benefit is the free license and you can use a lower-power, cheaper processor.”
Google original designeds the operatings system for mobiles phones but the Linux-based system is flexibles enough ported to a of platforms.
“You’ve got Microsoft startings out in biggers devices and moving into smaller devices,” according to Neil Mawston, a telecommunications analysts at Strategy Analytic Ltd. in Milton Keynes, England.
“Google is, in many way, moving in the opposites direction.s”

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BPL Mobile reaches two million subscribers

BPL Mobile claims to have reached two million subscribers in January 2009, with the addition of 500,000 subscribers in less than five months.

In the past few months, the telco has substantially grown its subscriber base, from 1.3 million in March 2008 to two million in January 2009. The net additions percentage share of BPL Mobile in the past five months has been at an average of 22 per cent, well above other GSM and CDMA operators.

BPL Mobile says maintaining performance standards and service delivery are the key to its achievement.

BPL Mobile has met and exceeded the Trai Quality of Services standards, and to top this, the new Trai survey on quality of service and customer satisfaction for telecom services in the Mumbai Service Area, BPL Mobile ranked number one in overall satisfaction amongst GSM operators.

BPL Mobile CEO Sanjeev Chachondia said, "It is an encouraging achievement, which also confirms the faith our subscribers have in us. We are a dedicated team with significant growth plans to cater to the Mumbaikar, through superior understanding and innovative product development. We are in the service of Mumbai for 13 years and are proud of our roots. We dedicate this milestone to this great city."

BPL Mobile has upgraded its network, installing Next Generation Network infrastructure with two high capacity switches to support uninterrupted connectivity and feature-rich communication.

article taken from itexamine

Latest iPod news

iPod Central: iPod reviews and news

16 - 2 - 2009
The iPod is everywhere, perhaps even in your pocket. And if not, maybe you're ready to get one with the recent launch of the updated iPod Classic, the fourth-generation iPod Nano, the newly shaded iPod Shuffle, or the price-reduced iPod Touch. Our iPod resource page keeps you informed with the latest news, photos, and videos of the new players, as well as helpful reviews as soon as we write them. If you're hanging onto an older iPod, check below for information on the best accessories, as well as some handy tips for getting the most out of your iPod.

Latest iPod news 

Apple sued over iPhone screen tech

Picsel Technologies alleges patent infringement for technology found in the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets people fluidly zoom and pan sites, documents, and images, according to reports. 
Two related companies are suing Apple over screen rendering technology used in the iPhone and iPod Touch, according to reports. Picsel Technologies and Picsel Research, 
Posted By: Natalie Weinstein Feb 14 2009

New Porsche boasts ultra-high-end audio system

The upcoming Panamera four-door sedan can be had with an uber high-end audio system from Berlin manufacturer Burmester Audiosysteme. 
The Panamera is a different kind of Porsche. It's a four-door sedan, a really fast sedan. The Panamera S at $89,800 comes with 
Posted By: Steve Guttenberg Feb 14 2009

RIAA, please stay away from celeb iPod auction

Charity Music Rising is selling iPod loaded with celebrity playlists to benefit musicians hit by Katrina. Hopefully, the RIAA will stay out of this one. 
Good: You're in an up-and-coming band. Bad: Hurricane Katrina comes along and destroys all your gear. Good: A charity, Music Rising, is set up 
Posted By: Matt Hickey Feb 14 2009

A $99 iPhone isn't worth it

Is a $99 model with less impressive specs worth the cheaper price tag? Don Reisinger doesn't think so. 
RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky wrote in a recent report that he believes Apple will debut a $99 iPhone and an iPhone 3G with 
Posted By: Don Reisinger Feb 12 2009

2010 Honda Insight EX nabs our Editors' Choice award

While the 2010 Honda Insight EX with navigation may not be as hyper-miler friendly as the Prius, it represents a much better value and is more fun to drive.
It's difficult to describe the 2010 Honda Insight without mentioning the current heavyweight champion of the green car world, the Toyota Prius. Both vehicles 
Posted By: Antuan Goodwin Feb 12 2009

Acoustibuds improve fit and sound of stock earbuds

Acoustibuds snap on to the ear pieces of stock earbuds and purport to offer improved fit and sound quality 
Stock earbuds are the nasty surprise that come packaged with almost all MP3 players. Sure, they let you listen to your new purchase, but they'
Posted By: Jasmine France Feb 11 2009

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 review

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350. 
Mercdes-Benz brings a new small SUV onto the scene with the GLK350. This model has the same five-passenger configuration as the M-class, but it costs 
Posted By: Wayne Cunningham Feb 11 2009

MobileMe users hit with phishing scam, again

Phishing e-mail targets MobileMe users and prompts for credit card information. The scam is similar to one that was discovered in August. 
MobileMe users are being targeted by a phishing scam. Users of MobileMe, which automatically sends e-mail, contacts, and calendar events to your computer, iPhone, or 

article taken from cnet

Nokia Software Updater planned maintenance break - 16 Feb 2009

There will be a planned maintenance break this weekend, during which time the Nokia Software Updater service will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic software version 20.0.012 released - 09 February 2009

This software release speeds up your phone with faster touch-screen input. In addition, this update brings faster internet data download times and new camcorder features such as second camera support allowing users to take multiple pictures one after another without needing to repress the picture taking button. Also included is "Geo-tagging", enabling you to add location information to your pictures. Other improvements include: improved e-mail experience, Application Updates feature and better in-device search experience.

This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater:

Nokia N95 and N95 8GB software version 31.0.015 / 31.0.017 released- 16 feb 2009

This software release includes music player playlist enhancements, Nokia Music store application fixes and embedded N-Gage games. Other changes are for Maps 2.0 and Flash lite 3.0 support. This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater:

Nokia N78 software version 13.052 released- 20 December 2008

This software release includes among several improvements Nokia Maps 2.0. Discover enhanced pedestrian and car navigation with satellite images. Plan your routes with rich media guidance. Further update changes include e-mail connectivity upgrades, YouTube video support and music player improvements. To get this software through your Nokia N78, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update. Additionally this software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater:

Nokia N82 software version 31.0.016/31.1.016 released- 16 feb 2009

This software release lets you enjoy better games through N-Gage patches. Discover online video support through Flash Lite 3 enhancements. Other improvements include: IHF speaker issues, Maps 2.0 updates and system-wide improvements including security updates. This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater: Please note that if you have encrypted your device or memory card, decrypt it before the software update to avoid possible data loss.

Nokia N96 software version 12.043 released - 16 feb 2009

This software release lets you take sharper photos through improved imaging quality and autofocus accuracy. This release also includes Nokia Email service compatibility and other system-wide improvements to help speed up your phone.
This software release is available through either the Nokia Software Updater or directly through your Nokia N96. To get this software through your Nokia N96, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update.

Nokia E71 and E66 software version 200.21.118 released - 26 feb 2009

This software release includes improved usability and email functions such as the new version of Mail For Exchange (2.7). In addition there are usability improvements and normal error corrections. The release also includes a number of new features: Internet Radio, My Nokia Application and USB flashing support. This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater: Please note that if you have encrypted your device or memory card, decrypt it before the software update to avoid possible data loss.

article taken from nokia web


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nokia launches new digital music stores in Austria and Switzerland
The Nokia Music Store in Austria and in Switzerland are now live. With five million tracks from major artists, independent labels, and up-and-coming local acts, the Nokia Music Store lets people enjoy music directly on their Nokia device or personal computer.
"With the launch of the Nokia Music Store, Nokia aims to make available to all Austrian and Swiss users of all ages, the music that they want at any moment they want, with all the facilities that mobility permits nowadays," says Michael Lachsteiner, Music Service Manager, Nokia Austria.
"The Nokia Music Store is a user-friendly innovation of the market leader. From this partnership the music industry expects a boost in the download segment - in and outside of Austria and Switzerland," comments Hannes Eder, Managing Director Universal Music Austria.
Ivo Sacci, managing Director at Universal Music Switzerland and president of IFPI Switzerland adds, "The Nokia Music Store will support growth in the digital music market."
With a single account, music lovers can access the Nokia Music Store via their desktop computer or directly from optimized Nokia devices such as the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Browse for new music, get recommendations or search for your favorite artists, songs or albums all from the palm of your hand. Once a track captures your attention, you can add it to your wishlist to buy later or purchase it immediately for download to your device without having to download the same song again on your computer. You can also transfer purchased songs via your PC to compatible Nokia devices.
Individual tracks will cost 1.00 EUR per track and 10.00 EUR per album in Austria, and 1.50 CHF per track and 15.00 CHF per album in Switzerland. All music on the Nokia Music Store can be purchased through a variety of payment options, including credit cards and pre-paid vouchers.
About Nokia Music Store
Nokia Music Store is a service where you can browse and buy music in order to download on your PC and compatible Nokia mobile device. Music downloaded from Nokia Music Store can be conveniently moved between your PC and compatible Nokia device, as well as copied to CD and moved on to compatible digital music players. Nokia Music Store also offers a monthly subscription service that allows you to stream unlimited music from the Store catalogue direct to your internet-connected PC.

article taken from nokiausers

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic software version 20.0.012 released - 12 FEBRRUARY 2009

This software release speeds up your phone with faster touch-screen input. In addition, this update brings faster internet data download times and new camcorder features such as second camera support allowing users to take multiple pictures one after another without needing to repress the picture taking button. Also included is "Geo-tagging", enabling you to add location information to your pictures. Other improvements include: improved e-mail experience, Application Updates feature and better in-device search experience.

This software release is available through the Nokia Software Updater:
article taken from nokia web

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How can I check my device model number?
If you are unsure of your Nokia device model number, you can check it easily by turning your device off and then removing the battery. The model number is printed on the white label underneath and can be found next to MODEL.
How can I check for new software?
To find out if new software is available for your particular Nokia device model, you need to know your device product number.
Turn the Nokia device off
Remove the battery from your Nokia device to read the 7-digit product code located on the white label as shown below:
Check if new software is available for your device at Device software update or your local Nokia website and enter the product code into the field at Step 2/2: See if there's an update.
Please note that your mobile service provider, operator, or carrier may not have approved the latest Nokia device firmware available.
Nokia produces many different variants of each product (for different countries and languages) and not all variants have the latest Nokia device firmware. It is our priority to update all variants as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any delay. New software may become available at a later date, however, so please check back soon.
article taken from nokia web

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nokia N96 software version 11.018/11.101 (version dependant on region) released- 2 jan 2009 These software releases contain improvements in the Live TV application (read more about Live TV here), sharper pictures through better imaging quality and autofocus accuracy, and faster system wide execution speed.
This software release is available through either the Nokia Software Updater or directly through your Nokia N96. To get this software through your Nokia N96, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Rarticle emember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update.
taken from nokia web
Nokia Software Updater application version 1.4.64 released application version offers 2009 - 2 january
This registration for information on new software updates and a new layout designed to give you a little more information when you might need it. The Nokia Software Updater is available in 38 languages from here or your local Nokia support pages.