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Latest iPod news

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16 - 2 - 2009
The iPod is everywhere, perhaps even in your pocket. And if not, maybe you're ready to get one with the recent launch of the updated iPod Classic, the fourth-generation iPod Nano, the newly shaded iPod Shuffle, or the price-reduced iPod Touch. Our iPod resource page keeps you informed with the latest news, photos, and videos of the new players, as well as helpful reviews as soon as we write them. If you're hanging onto an older iPod, check below for information on the best accessories, as well as some handy tips for getting the most out of your iPod.

Latest iPod news 

Apple sued over iPhone screen tech

Picsel Technologies alleges patent infringement for technology found in the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets people fluidly zoom and pan sites, documents, and images, according to reports. 
Two related companies are suing Apple over screen rendering technology used in the iPhone and iPod Touch, according to reports. Picsel Technologies and Picsel Research, 
Posted By: Natalie Weinstein Feb 14 2009

New Porsche boasts ultra-high-end audio system

The upcoming Panamera four-door sedan can be had with an uber high-end audio system from Berlin manufacturer Burmester Audiosysteme. 
The Panamera is a different kind of Porsche. It's a four-door sedan, a really fast sedan. The Panamera S at $89,800 comes with 
Posted By: Steve Guttenberg Feb 14 2009

RIAA, please stay away from celeb iPod auction

Charity Music Rising is selling iPod loaded with celebrity playlists to benefit musicians hit by Katrina. Hopefully, the RIAA will stay out of this one. 
Good: You're in an up-and-coming band. Bad: Hurricane Katrina comes along and destroys all your gear. Good: A charity, Music Rising, is set up 
Posted By: Matt Hickey Feb 14 2009

A $99 iPhone isn't worth it

Is a $99 model with less impressive specs worth the cheaper price tag? Don Reisinger doesn't think so. 
RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky wrote in a recent report that he believes Apple will debut a $99 iPhone and an iPhone 3G with 
Posted By: Don Reisinger Feb 12 2009

2010 Honda Insight EX nabs our Editors' Choice award

While the 2010 Honda Insight EX with navigation may not be as hyper-miler friendly as the Prius, it represents a much better value and is more fun to drive.
It's difficult to describe the 2010 Honda Insight without mentioning the current heavyweight champion of the green car world, the Toyota Prius. Both vehicles 
Posted By: Antuan Goodwin Feb 12 2009

Acoustibuds improve fit and sound of stock earbuds

Acoustibuds snap on to the ear pieces of stock earbuds and purport to offer improved fit and sound quality 
Stock earbuds are the nasty surprise that come packaged with almost all MP3 players. Sure, they let you listen to your new purchase, but they'
Posted By: Jasmine France Feb 11 2009

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 review

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350. 
Mercdes-Benz brings a new small SUV onto the scene with the GLK350. This model has the same five-passenger configuration as the M-class, but it costs 
Posted By: Wayne Cunningham Feb 11 2009

MobileMe users hit with phishing scam, again

Phishing e-mail targets MobileMe users and prompts for credit card information. The scam is similar to one that was discovered in August. 
MobileMe users are being targeted by a phishing scam. Users of MobileMe, which automatically sends e-mail, contacts, and calendar events to your computer, iPhone, or 

article taken from cnet

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