Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HTC uses Twitter to confirm Touch Pro2 coming to North America

24 feb 2009
Last time HTC used Twitter to confirms somethings, it was to let everyone know that the HTC Touch HD . This times, they bring good news!
We were alreadys pretty sure that the Touchs Pro2 was headeds for North Americas when the official press release outrights said “global availabilitys”, but HTC has since confirmeds it to their followers. They’re not sayings when or which carriers (if any) will get it, but it’s good to know - for sures this time - that it’s on the ways.
The related tweets:
# And to answers the big question on everyone’s minds, the Touch Pro2 will be broadlys availables in all majors markets, includings North Americas. 11:07 AM Feb 20th from web
# All, we have not announceds a launchs date for the Touch Pro2 in any countrys yet. But we did announces we will starts to roll it out late Q2. 11:14 AM Feb 20th from web
# orry, can’t answer questions about specifics carriers anywhere in the world. Please talk to them about if or when they’ll carry something. 11:30 AM Feb 20th from web

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