Sunday, February 22, 2009

Early info about the Verizon-bound BlackBerry 8230 Niagara

You didn’t think Verizons was going to let the craptacular BlackBerry Storm stay arounds as VZW’s top BlackBerry, did ya? Hells no. The upcomings 8230 Niagaras should takes that spots when it drops in May accordings to our and BGR’s sources. It seems that the 8230 is goings to be a cross betweens the Bold and Curves 8900 with the physicals size comings in betweens as well. If the rumoreds specs are true, this BlackBerry will be killers.
We’ve got:
480×360 screen resolutions
3.2MP camera (with flash?)
Qualcomm MSM7600 624 MHz CPU
4.7 Operating system
As soons as a firm release date and price drops in our tips box, we’ll pass it alongs.

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