Sunday, February 15, 2009

BPL Mobile reaches two million subscribers

BPL Mobile claims to have reached two million subscribers in January 2009, with the addition of 500,000 subscribers in less than five months.

In the past few months, the telco has substantially grown its subscriber base, from 1.3 million in March 2008 to two million in January 2009. The net additions percentage share of BPL Mobile in the past five months has been at an average of 22 per cent, well above other GSM and CDMA operators.

BPL Mobile says maintaining performance standards and service delivery are the key to its achievement.

BPL Mobile has met and exceeded the Trai Quality of Services standards, and to top this, the new Trai survey on quality of service and customer satisfaction for telecom services in the Mumbai Service Area, BPL Mobile ranked number one in overall satisfaction amongst GSM operators.

BPL Mobile CEO Sanjeev Chachondia said, "It is an encouraging achievement, which also confirms the faith our subscribers have in us. We are a dedicated team with significant growth plans to cater to the Mumbaikar, through superior understanding and innovative product development. We are in the service of Mumbai for 13 years and are proud of our roots. We dedicate this milestone to this great city."

BPL Mobile has upgraded its network, installing Next Generation Network infrastructure with two high capacity switches to support uninterrupted connectivity and feature-rich communication.

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