Monday, March 30, 2009

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nokia Connect with a Bluetooth headset

Connect with a Bluetooth headset

Pair your device with a Bluetooth headset and listen to music wirelessly with the music player in your phone. You can also make and receive hands-free calls using your mobile phone.

Pair the headset with your device

You can start using the headset by pairing it with your device:

  1. Charge and switch on your headset.
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth.
  3. Select My phone’s name and enter a name for your phone.
  4. Activate the Bluetooth connections by selecting Bluetooth > On.
  5. Pair your phone with the headset by selecting Paired devices > Add new device.
  6. Scroll to a found device and select Add.
  7. Enter a passcode (You may find a preset passcode for your headset in the headset’s own manual.) and allow the connection on the other Bluetooth device.
  8. The indicator light on the headset will flash when the headset is connected with your mobile phone and ready for use.

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

Play. Share. Chat.

Play music, play games, share media, and slide out the full keyboard to get chatting.

enjoy a rich music experience

Enjoy excellent audio quality through any headphones using the 3.5 mm AV plug, or get a big sound from the built-in speaker. Use the dedicated music keys or voice-controlled "say and play" to access up to 8 GB of music.

share the excitement

Take on your friends or even multiple players in the N-Gage Arena. Then follow up your games and share your media on the most popular social networking sites.

get ready to chat

Slide out the full keyboard to chat quickly, and keep your friends, media and shortcuts together on the single, convenient Home screen.

article taken from nokia website

Nokia N79

Stay colourful and connected with the Nokia N79. Change the cover, discover music and games and share your media with friends.

Change your colours arrow

Simply switch the back cover and the display theme instantly changes to match.

Access reviews, music and games arrow

Get the latest news and entertainment from around the internet.

Capture and share your images arrow

Take great photos and videos and upload them to the web.

article taken from nokia website

Nokia N85

Nokia N85

Enjoy your media in the palm of your hand with the sleek design, bright OLED display and mobile computing power of the Nokia N85.

Carry a multimedia computer arrow

Get a full media experience in a slim design with two-way slide.

Enjoy vibrant visuals arrow

View your images and videos in true colour on a stunning, high contrast OLED display.

Stay entertained arrow

Discover and download music, games and video to enjoy on the go.

article taken from nokia website

Nokia N96

Nokia N96

Take the entertainment you love wherever you go. Get up to 16 GB of mobile video, music, pictures, games and more with the Nokia N96.

Enjoy high-quality video arrow

View your favourite videos on a large and vibrant screen.

Watch live TV* arrow

Catch your favourite shows and discover new ones on the go.
*Catch your favourite shows and discover new ones on the go.

Carry a multimedia computer arrow

Share your media, go online and play music and games.

article taken from nokia website

Play. Share.Touch Play nokia-5800-xpressmusic


One touch to music, video, and more. The dedicated Media Bar means mobile entertainment is always on hand. High-resolution widescreen video and superior surround sound, with built-in stereo speakers and an advanced music player. Download new sounds to the 8GB microSD card, and sync your collection with Nokia Music software for PC.


Featuring you, your friends, and ultra-fast 3.5G wireless technology. Put your favourite people on your home screen and share moments and media as they happen. Shoot 3.2 megapixel stills, video, and seamlessly showcase them online with photo sharing services like Share on Ovi or Flickr. Broadcast yourself or download the latest videos.


Take a good look at Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This amazing 3.2” high-resolution touchscreen looks unlike any other and puts everything at your fingertips. Perfectly proportioned for one hand, featuring responsive fingertip, stylus, or plectrum control, automatic screen rotation, and tactile feedback. With a choice of alphanumeric keypad, full QWERTY keyboard, or handwriting for fast messaging.

article taken from nokia website

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BSNL Landline, WLL, Mobile Phone Offers

After the massives 11-city 3G roll-out in the countrys, state-owneds telecom service provider Bharats Sanchars Nigam, Limited (BSNL) is now takings care of its other businesses. Here are a few updates that subscribers shoulds be aware of.
1. Pulsess rate from BSNL landline or WLL to any landline or WLL has been increased to 120 seconds. The new pulses rates will be applicables March 1, 2009 onwards. for details.

2. Landline customers with an averages monthlys bill of minimums Rs. 500 will have the option to avail an additional landline, albeit only for incomings calls facility with zero monthlys fixed charges.

3. In Universal Services Obligation (USO) supporteds rural areas, BSNL landlines can now be availed with zero or Rs. 20 monthly fixed charges.

4. In other news from BSNL, the companys has also introduceds a new prepaids plan called 'India Golden 50' for its mobiles services. Its details can be found.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Available in US

Nokia, the world’s biggests mobiles phone makers, announceds last week that one of its prioritys devices – the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – has been made available in the United States.
The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic features a touchs screen and offers a graphic equalizers, 8 GB memorys which means you can stores about 6000 tracks in it, 3.5 mm jack and built-in surrounds sound stereos speakers. The very wide 3.2" displays allows its users to experiences music, navigations, video, televisions, games, business mobilitys and many more.
The numerous Internet services and expertises softwares the Nokia 5800 packs are the main reason why the Finnish company focused so much on this device. Nokia wanted this to be a hit so bad that it halted the Nokia 5800 sales just a few hours after the officials release. The main reason was that it received complaints from customers regardings the mobile phone’s poor 3G performances. Another reasons for the sales halt was the fact that the Nokia 5800 was equippeds with faultys speakerss, a fact confirmed by the companys.
Nokia changeds the supplier who proveds unable to prevent the ingress of moistures into the speakers, whichs damages it. The faultys earpieces were replaceds with units produced by a differents manufacturers. In an official letter to, Nokia underlined the fact that it did not change Nokia 5800’s speakers, justs the suppliers.
The companys also said that startings late January, all Nokia service centers have been receivings packages with the new earpiecess. Users who mades warranty claimss after that times “shouldn't experience the problem again,” said Nokia.