Monday, May 4, 2009

HCL launches Leaptops Z39 in India for Rs. 59,990

New Delhi, May 4, 2009: Leading computer manufacturer HCL has launched Leaptops Z39, the best laptop in India for Rs. 59,990. The laptop, one of the best to have been launched in India thus far may amaze anyone who has been using normal computing devices. Priced at Rs 59, 990/- HCL Leaptop Z 39 is based on the latest Intel Centrino 2 technology and is designed for Indian conditions with Advanced Thermal Engineering (ATE)Technology. Along with ‘Leaptop Z39’, HCL also announced the launch of its unique 24X7 service ‘HCL Touch’ with 20 Company owned outlets in West Bengal, the service will offer support in English, Hindi & Bengali.

Addressing the occasion Mr. George Paul, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems said, “Over the past three decades, HCL has always been at the forefront of bringing in technological innovation in the country. The launch of HCL Leaptop Z39 is yet another step in our ‘Design for India’ product strategy. With Computing becoming an integral part of our lives, customers are demanding more from their laptops. Today’s youth and professionals require a laptop that not only enables them to perform better & faster at work but also is a perfect entertainer. With ‘HCL Leaptop Z39’, powerful configuration along with excellent features like energy savers and Advanced Thermal Engineering Technology ensures that users experience will not get restricted by any measures, be it work or play.”

Further commenting at the launch of HCL Touch in the state, he added, “Customer has always been at the core of HCL’s business with customer care services as a top priority. We are glad to come closer to our customers in West Bengal and Kolkata through this initiative that has been designed to address the service needs of today’s customer. By further extending our reach and offering round the clock service, HCL Touch will enable us to cement our stand in the industry as a customer centric organization.”

In Indian conditions the ambient temperature is higher than European conditions the surface of a laptop tends to heat up faster as a result making it extremely uncomfortable. HCL’s Advanced Thermal Engineering (ATE) Technology used in the HCL Leaptop Series ensures that any point of time the surface temperature on the keyboard and the left and right palm are not more than 6 deg C than the ambience temperature thereby ensuring comfort in working for long hours. This has been achieved by re-engineering of the key components inside the HCL Leaptop Z 39 at HCL Labs and the HCL R & D centre where the focus has been to design products that are suitable for Indian conditions.
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