Monday, May 4, 2009

Software update for the T-Mobile G1

[The T-Mobile G1 gets new software update bringing it in line with the latest Android platform developments. New Android phones to ship with latest software, existing Android customers will get the update over the air free of charge. In addition, T-Mobile is expanding its portfolio of Android handsets later this year.]

T-Mobile has released a comprehensive software update that brings its innovative handset into line with the latest Android platform development. It comes with new functions, loads of enhancements, and more improvements to the design of most input screens. From the beginning of May, T?Mobile will be shipping new handsets with this latest software, and will offer existing T?Mobile G1 customers the mobile update for download with an automatic installation over the air and free of charge. Alongside its software updates, T-Mobile will be further expanding the Android cell phone portfolio during 2009 to introduce new handsets.

More convenience, more fun

One of the software's new features is an automatic horizontal or vertical layout for the touch screen display. This allows the T-Mobile G1 to be used in landscape format even if the display is covering the physical keyboard. Another key new feature is the virtual keyboard, which makes it possible to input call numbers or text simply by touching the screen. T-Mobile G1 owners can therefore choose between a virtual or a physical QWERTZ keyboard. And, of course, the touch screen keyboard is available in portrait and landscape format.

The software update now allows film fans to use the 3.2 megapixel camera on the T?Mobile G1 handset to film videos. A playback function gives their creativity an added boost. The highlight: films can be uploaded straight to YouTube™ and shown not only to friends and acquaintances, but to anyone visiting the popular website worldwide. Another advantage is that users can now upload photos shot with the T-Mobile G1 straight to their personal Picasa Web Album™. On the audio side, the Android developers have upgraded the Bluetooth interface. With the new software installed, the T-Mobile G1 handset can be synchronized via Bluetooth with in-car units and stereo headsets (support for the A2DP and AVRCP profile).

Beside these features, the software update enhances the design of numerous user interfaces and offers new widgets, e.g. for the calendar and the music player. Other improvements include the zoom functions, the e-mail client and the web browser.

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