Thursday, February 17, 2011

Save memories with Zebronic’s new Artifice digital photo frame

 Friedrich Schiller’s words ‘time flies on restless pinions, constant never’ indeed reveal much about its ephemeral and tossing and turning nature. Realizing this,strong Zebronics has designed the attractive Artifice digital photo frame for people who are always enthusiastic about flimflamming the time by cherishing their special moments.strong Designed with pure elegance and style, the new photo frame can conveniently display digital photos without stringing along the need to print them or take a computer’s help. The neatly carved out Artifice features 480 x 230 pixel resolution that preserves the original format of the photos in order to sidestep any form of cropping and stretching.

 Its 7-inch high-quality LCD is another intriguing point for users who want to view their pictures in remarkable clarity. The frame can also be connected through USB 2.0 to other electronic devices for photo sharing, data transfer and printing of good times. Augmenting the functionality standard is its rotational zoom in and out feature which enables enjoyable viewing.Perfect to preserve warm moments spent with loved ones, the stylish Artifice can further display clock and calendar when the user isn’t in the mood of viewing slide shows of pictures.The new Zebronics Artifice digital photo frame can now be purchased for Rs. 2,100 thorough computer accessories and electronic stores.

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Can you pl suggest the store location to purchase Zebronics Artifice digital photo frame.