Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to use iPhone to Surf internet on your computer (PC or Mac)

How to use iPhone to Surf internet on your computer (PC or Mac)

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use this small litle cute application (PDAnet), which i found today which has enabled me to use my iphone as a router to surf internet in emergency (using the airtel edge connection).

Its very simple and you can start in 5 minutes, have tried lots of other stuff available on the internet nothing has worked for me for last one year. This one is rocking :).

This only works for jailbroken iPhone 2.2

PDA Net is available for jailbroken iPhones through Cydia. The PDA Net application is included in the default Cydia application repository sources, so a simple search for “PDA” should find you the PDA Net app.

Once found, simply install the “PDA Net” application and behold the power of your iPhone 3G as portable WiFi router.

Here’s a quick rundown to getting your iPhone or iPhone 3G working as a walking hotspot:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone or iPhone 3G.
2. Fire up “Cydia” (it’s automatically installed when you jailbreak your iPhone.
3. Search for “PDA Net” (find the little magnifying glass icon along the lower edge of window).
4. Install “PDA Net.”
5. Create an ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) network on your laptop (or desktop).
6. Connect your iPhone to the ad-hoc network (via WiFi settings).
7. Fire up the “PDA Net” application.
8. Make sure your WiFi connection is active.
9. Enjoy the full power of high-speed wireless data!

article taken from hciidc

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